C How to Program (Early Objects Version) (9th Edition) by Paul Deitel (Author), Harvey Deitel(2013) - True PDF EPUB - zeke23(WWRG)

Despite my persistence to fully grasp the ideas in this book, the loosely connected examples and the lengthy pointless paragraphs throughout the chapters serve no other purpose than to fuel my frustration and deliver the strong impression that the C programming language is confusing and difficult.It give poor coverage of the range-for construct and the auto keyword.I recommend this book to any Computer Science major or aspiring computer programmer.Even worse, later chapters refer to lengthy examples listings in previous chapters (warning to Kindle readers).One of my favorite things about this book are the examples at the end of the chapter.The authors emphasize achieving program clarity through structured and object-oriented programming, software reuse and component-oriented software construction.

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The Deitels release a new edition as soon as they can, every 18-24 months, which is faster than most other programming books.They set out to achieve the impossible and succeed to do neither.This might not sound so bad, but if you were hoping to be able to read where you want, without being restricted, you will be disappointed.I found myself turning to youtube instructional videos in order to understand the course work.Despite the dozens of hours that i dedicated to deciphering the contents of those books, i struggled to fully understand the concepts and ideas.The examples are pretty easy to follow, and there are about 35-45 review questions at the end of each chapter for practice.

They start out simple and get more challenging, and there are an abundant amount of examples.

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But the core is essentially identical with the previous editions.I think I rated it a little low, but I could not give it 4 stars.Selection(if, if.else), sequence and repetition(loops) are covered in these chapters.

The book falls very short under the weight of its own ambition.As a result, what could have been an impressive textbook became an expressway to frustration.

As a person who is much more of a creative type trying to learn a new language, I felt this was as difficult as trudging through a field of knee high mud in rubber boots that are 2 sizes too big.Deitel books have benefited from being heavily marketed since several years, which explains their familiarity among academia, especially older generations of students.

Click on this books subject categories to see related titles.The thin paper causes the reverse side to be visible and also means that care is required not to tear the pages.

I never heard of a professional using this book as a reference, and for the beginner, notice how even the 5-star reviews encourage this being a supplement instead.At times it feels that the text is too detailed and then there are sections that seem skimpy.The pages are in black and white and does not have access to the free online resources like the U.S. version. This book is waste of money.The format is great - color is used for section and for syntax highlighting which aids reading and comprehension.

Sentences tend to be written in the overly complex fashion without serving much purpose.If anyone can overcome these difficult obstacles, however, this book has quite a lot of information.Ugly coding presentation and stiff graphic illustrations are replaced with much organized and refreshing style.If you have few or no prior programming experience, this will be one of the easiest textbooks available.That, along with the horrendous text fonds and repugnant color schemes, not to mention the ugliest coding presentation and the endless assult on my nerves launched by thousands of those ugly bees all over the textbook, literally made me nauseous (really).Textbook Syndrome is an unfortunate disease afflicting most authors who write books used for introductory freshman and sophomore college courses.Some other books teach you something in one chapter and then seem to forget it even exists.Both declarations are valid, and optional, but the difference is critical and a life-saver.

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