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I have tried to upgrade the WL-5460AP to the 3rd party firmware.AdHOC and Infrastructure are 2 ways to form the wireless network.When WL-5460AP is in AP Router mode, the LAN2 will become the WAN port. - Google Drive

Solved: Problems with internet connection, Aspire V15-V3-5

If your model name is WL-5460APv2, it has emergency function.If your AP is equipped with WDS (Repeater) function, you can extend the distance by changing the software settings on the AP to WDS(Repeater) mode.

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Only 1 IP address comes out of the modem, so I have a modem of my ISP installed at home.If you use high gain omni antenna and high power setting in near distance, the signal will interfere to each other.Theoretically, the AP can support the entire subnet of stations(253 users for class C).The Flash memory size of WL-5450AP is 8Megabytes The WL-5460AP has metallic finishes.If your model name is WL-5460AP, it does not have emergency function.That is why the signal strength is better but the performance is worse.Can it be done and if so, which settings do I need to select to:(1).I want to connect my WL-5460AP v2 to it, so need to connect one of the two Ethernet ports of the back of the WL-5460AP to the modem exit (Ethernet port).WEP adds data encryption to every single packet transmitted in the wireless network.

When I try to enter the MAC address in the WDS field, the Web browser tell me I entered the wrong format.Please be aware that the ESSID(SSID) might be case sensitive for some devices.Only 1 IP address comes out of the modem, so the WL-5460AP needs to behave as router as well.Please change the wireless channel on your AP or Wireless Router.For this feature, it is available after rebooting once applied.So the AP will not try to change between the 2 modes to disrupt the signal connection.Please follow the quick installation guide on the AP for instruction on WDS mode.

However, since each product use different method for key generation.All AP and cards in a infrastructure network must use the same ESSID(Network Name) and setup to work in Infrastructure (Access Point) mode.Please use Internet Explorer 6 for emergency firmware upgrade and make sure your PC is connected to LAN1.The other method is to enter a text and let the computer generate the WEP key for you.When using the WDS repeater function in WL-5460AP, the LAN port of WL-5460AP should not connect any PC.In this case, please reboot your machine in safe mode and runs a virus scan (make sure you have the latest virus definition).There are 2 methods for entering the KEY, one is to enter a 16-bit HEX digit.

Therefore, please try to remove the PC which connect to the LAN port of WL-5460AP.I tried to use the Emergency Upgrade procedure to restore firmware.Furthermore, AP allows access control and other security features.Using this method, users must enter a 10-digit number( for 64-bit) or 26-digit number( for 128-bit) in the KEY field.

What should be the setting for this, our setup from our source AP was IP authenticated.WDS allows an AP to connect with another WDS enabled AP wirelessly, and still able to communicate with WLAN cards at the same time.

The data rate rating only represent the physical layer data rate.However, if there are more than one wireless network in your area or you want to change to AdHoc mode.Therefore, all devices on a wireless network must use the same key and same type of encryption.Please download the latest firmwares for your machine from our website.There seems to be some virus or browser bug recently that is causing this issue.The biggest disadvantage for AdHoc mode is that no network device can be attached to the network directly, thus making connection to LAN and Internet difficult.

Make sure all APs and cards are on the same IP subnet (for example, all start with 192.168.0.), but each with different IP address.Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is the method for secure wireless data transmission.Therefore, if there are too many stations in one wireless network, the bandwidth can be influenced greatly.I heard WL-5460AP has emergency code function that can restore the machine after firmware crashed.I bought a new laptop, why should I have something not updated.By default, the WL-5460APv2-e5 firmware turn on the DHCP server.By default, WinXP will automatically connect you to an Access Point that has the strongest signal.The South American firmware is for use in South America only, please do not use it in other region.AP or wireless router serve as a hub for connections to the cards.

I use WL-5460AP as AP mode, connect directly to a RADIUS server by an Ethernet cable.To work in AdHoc mode, the cards must be set to the same SSID(Network Name) and set to AdHoc(Peer To Peer) mode.

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